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Bags brimming with pills

tuesday July 11, 2010 impressive BARRINGTON One by one they came, The aged the old, Wholesale Jerseys Many carting bags and boxes filled with longexpired supplements.

The health professional prescribed pill roundup on Saturday, Organized by the Great Barrington Police Department and three local suppliers, Was the first such collections program ever organized in the Berkshires.

The organizers were overwhelmed by what they received: 43 quid of pills; 59 pounds of nonpills related to creams, ointments and patches; And 26 pounds of fat of other items, Including acupuncture and hypodermic needles, All in five a few hours.

"It's incredible how much stuff that came in, Said Great Barrington police agency Paul Montgomery. "Once people are aware of what we're doing, Even more comes into play. everyone has this stuff around for months. We had some Demerol that came in from 1961.

"I may possibly been happy if maybe 10 people came out today, pronounced Bob Redpath, A representative of Community Health Projects' South Berkshire Community Coalition, Which hosted the event as well as,as well Fairview Hospital and the Great Barrington Police. "But two hours into it, we had 32 people,

To keep the impetus going, Great Barrington Police will be installing a box inside the lobby of the police station on Main Street by the end of next week to give the public a place to dispose of pills.

Similar events will be held at uncommon county venues in the fall, Members of the South Berkshire industry Coalition said.

The roundup was held to both combat the abuse of drugs and give people a safe way to dispose of medications without harming the environment.

according to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 21 percent of Americans age 12 and older reported using pharmaceuticals in 2008, A total second only to pot. your neighborhood numbers are also alarming.

A prevention needs assessment study conducted by the South Berkshire Community Coalition recently found that 20 percent of South County high school seniors reported using prescribed drugs nonmedically as compared to 16 percent in the entire county, And 13 percent nationally.

"We've seen a jump in what amount use by adolescents, said Montgomery, Who there Great Barrington Police at Saturday's event. "That's why it's a wise decision to get rid of these. a considerable amount of arrests we've made, The drugs people have had these types of drugs On them came from an individual,

A fivemonth study conducted two years ago by The Associated Press found a large variety of drugs, Ranging from antibiotics and anticonvulsants to mood stabilizers and sex hormones in the drinking water supplies of 24 major urban centers.

"I'm thinking about the disposing, Said at the Buttler of Great Barrington, Who brought old antihistamines and nutritional vitamin supplements to the police station that had been in her medicine cabinet for three years.

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