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Panik in chocoland
A platform game very similar to bomb jack, many levels and enemies, very nice graphics and sound.
Played 558 times
Alien Attack
Shoot invading alien ships using a machine gun, avoid shooting friendly ships, nice effects and music.
Played 549 times
Penguin Arcade
Shoot the penguins before they invade us, a shooting game against penguins, very nice game for Microsoft advocates.
Played 509 times
A classic blackjack game.
Played 505 times
Boom Boom Volleryball
A beach volley game where very very strange things happen, for example the ball is a bomb.
Played 503 times
A PacMan clone with six different levels and all the PacMan fun.
Played 500 times
Polar Rescue
Guide a Penguin through several difficulty levels, a game of skills ideal for Linux fans
Played 491 times
Virtual Curling
A curling simulator to test your patience, aim the discs at the center of the target. Try to put as many disks as you can in the center while moving the computer disks out of the target.
Played 487 times
Steeplechase challenge
A horse-racing game where you can control the whips to the horse and when to jumps. Difficulty increseas with each new race.
Played 483 times
Field Goal
Actually this is a rugby kicking simulator. Aim at the posts and try to pass all the difficulty levels as fast as you can, the wind is devious and controlling the direction in the long shots can be very difficult.
Played 474 times
Shootin Hoops
A basketball game the goal is to earn as many points as you can until you lose your three lifes. Elude opponents and then try your skills at the basket to score points.
Played 473 times
Control your sled and try to win as many races as you can, strange things such as running over playing kids can happen. This is a nice game.
Played 470 times
A board game for smart people, you have to control the whole board with your color before the computer. Think your strategy and play it.
Played 462 times
League Bowling
A fun bowling simulator, try to make as many strikes as you can.
Played 460 times
Table tennis
A superb table-tennis simulator. You can play against three opponents and each one has different skills. If you learn to control the pad is like playing real table-tennis. Amazing!
Played 460 times
Nimian Flyer
Fly acroos several diificulty levels avoiding the obstacles, nice game.
Played 457 times
Miniclip Tetris
One of the many versions of Tetris. If you like to play tetris you'll like this nice game.
Played 444 times
Ice Hockey Challenge
A very simple game where you can practice shots against a computer controled goalkeeper.
Played 444 times
Kore Carts
A multiplayer racing game! Control a small cart in three different tracks. Very playable and very fun.
Played 441 times
Shoot your targets using a rifle, a game where you do need a good eyesight and reflexes.
Played 440 times
Air Hockey
A classic Air hockey game, the computer plays very very well and it is very hart to beat it
Played 436 times
Quick Pick
A memory game with many levels, very good graphics and music. If you need some relaxing game to improve your memory this is a must.
Played 436 times
Starship Seven
A very cool game where you control a ship through many different levels in a maze. You can collect fuel and missiles to be used in subsequent levels. If you touch a surface your ship loses energy so you must keep your ship flying at all costs.
Played 435 times
A space invaders clone.
Played 430 times
Super Fighter
Fight different levels using different kicks and punches, a classic fighting game.
Played 427 times
Shoot out II
A cowboy shooting game with different stages, it is a good game if you can stand the long introduction and credits.
Played 418 times
Stress relief paintball
Shoot the stress relief balls at the office to win points.
Played 418 times
Space Fighter
A very nice asteroids-like game, you control a ship and your mission is to destroy all the asteroids, you can improve your shooting power, collect fuel and shiled bonues etc. Many levels and very good gameplay.
Played 405 times
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