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Groupware is the Internet's fastest evolving technology, now firmly ensconced in the Open Source developer community, with dozens of active projects involving thousands of software programmers worldwide. The Content Management System, or CMS (an acronym spooned from the long brewing alphabet soup of groupware strains) is an offshoot of simple email, and like its ubiquitous cousin, born late in the 20th Century as one of the innovations that made up the original Internet; in fact, before there was an Internet, when computers were enormous, extremely expensive conglomerations of vacuum tubes found mainly in the halls of government, Ivy League universities, and the world's richest corporations, early attempts to network the machines for data sharing, also led to an ad hoc methodology linking individuals into groups and groups into geographically dispersed human networks for information sharing, becoming literally, a meeting of the minds, and further extending apperception into global collaboration never heretofore imagined.

So the purely machine to machine exchange of data which necessitated the invention of a hard wired so called, Internet gave rise to a new form of people to people exchange, and the more amorphous global village expressed as the on-line workgroup also called, the Internet. Like the chicken or egg paradox, it no longer matters what or who came first; All that counts is they have arrived one and the same as an animal-mineral symbioses into the 21st Century: the consubstantial deracination of humanity's obdurate past.

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